I went to Annecy in March 2017 to visit a friend who lives there and oh was I astounded at the beauty it had to offer! Annecy is the hidden gem of France! To get to Annecy we flew to Geneva with Aer Lingus and then got a bus to Annecy, there is also a ride share service which can be used and works out a lot cheaper and quicker! (we got this coming home)

Our first two days there were all about the snow! I wanted to try my hand at skiing and the snow was beginning to melt at this stage . .

As I was a beginner we went to the lovely Le Semnoz to get me started – for those who like me have no clue how to ski this place is perfect as they don’t have black slopes and it’s very reasonable to rent the skis for the day! Le Semnoz is meant for people to arrive and ski and then to go home, it does not have the same village make up as some of the ski resorts you would normally read about. I was lucky enough to have friends here so they were able to drive us there and also show me the amazing views from a view point further up the mountain!

Photo 11-03-2017, 16 33 36For those of you who know how to ski the La Clusaz is also quite close to Annecy and this is more of a traditional ski resort which includes the daunting black slopes. . We went there for dinner on our last night just to see the chalets and shops that a ski village has. It was gorgeous!

After two days of skiing (falling) we thought it was time we saw Annecy itself before we left for Dublin and boy were we glad! Annecy is nicknamed little Venice as you can guess just like Venice it has a network of canals. Due to this nickname a Venetian festival happens in Annecy every year and you can see people walking around in gorgeous Venetian costumes and dresses.

Annecy also has a beautiful lake which in August, the biggest firework festival in Europe happens (I plan to go this year). There is a bridge over this lake called the kissing bridge which is a very cute tourist attraction!

Annecy is a relatively quite town during the off season (when we visited) however we found Le Finn Kelly’s pub to be a great spot! I know how cliche that an Irish girl ends up in an Irish bar when travelling but it was genuinely a great spot!

I will edit this after my trip in August to update it with some info on the firework show. .


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