So this trip was in May 2016 and it was one of my better planned trips.  We flew with Aer Lingus straight to BCN and we got a taxi to the apartment I had arranged with Airbnb. The apartment was in one of those old style buildings with the grand open hallways and it had one of those old fashioned lifts that you had to close the gate and then a door for the lift to move.2016-05-15 09.19.35

The flight we got had gotten, arrived in late enough so the plan was to drop the bags, freshen up and head straight to the Dry Martini. The Dry Martini is an old speakeasy style bar, the barmen are in white blazers and bow ties and the bar itself is old style old wood finished with golden bars. Bottles upon bottles are stacked behind the bar and right in the middle is a mirror and on front of the mirror is a gold antique cash register that they still use today! We sat at the bar so as to see the process of making the perfect Dry Martini and we also got to witness our drinks being put on the counter clock (there is a counter clock on the wall at the right end of the bar which shows how many dry martinis they have sold).

The next day it was off to see a Gaudi creation of Casa Batlo – top tip we pre-booked our tickets and time slot so we didn’t have to queue ,we went early enough which we were glad of as it gets quite crowded when its busy.

2016-05-14 10.13.18.jpg After here we went to La Sagrada Familia which was breath-taking ! Again we pre-booked our tickets and timeslot.

2016-05-15 10.02.16.jpgThat night we went for tapas in Lolita Taperia and went to discover the Bar Marsella which is an old absinthe bar- inside is simple wooden chairs and tables with one big bar at the end of the room, all the mirrors around have that old aged look. We got two absinthe and went and sat at a table. Little did we know we ended up sitting beside a man who was writing a travel book, he showed us how to drink the absinthe and told us stories about some of the travels he had been on.

The next day we went to Park Guell – a few tips for here firstly if your not fit or just don’t like stairs be prepared as its a serious trek up, I was here with my mother and she quite nearly quit half way up as it was so tiring, second there are very few shops, cafes and bars up and around the park so pack some supplies and lastly to get into the park is free however to get into the Monumental Zone your best to book tickets in advance like all things in Barcelona however if you get to Park Guell too early they will not let you in until your scheduled time!


That night we went for cocktails in the rooftop bar in the Gallery Hotel. They were amazing!

On the last day we went down Las Ramblas and around the Gothic Quarter. We ended up going for food in La Boqueria a famous indoor food market. It had so much choice and such amazing smells!

2016-05-14 12.14.53.jpg


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