Snapshot of Antwerp

We visited Antwerp April 2017. We flew with Ryanair to Brussels and got a train to Antwerp. The first thing I noticed about Antwerp was the train station, namely why it is the feature photo for this piece. The train station is huge and its very grand! We as always used Airbnb to get an apartment – it was great, nice and big with a good view. It was located in the Orthodox Jewish part of Antwerp which made our walks into town a lot more interesting having only seen Orthodox Jewish on TV.

While in town we first went for a Belgian beer and then went exploring, looking in the windows of all the chocolate shops as we passed. The funny thing about Antwerp is there are 4 different langauges spoken in the city so anytime you go for food somewhere they try to guess what language you speak . 2016-04-16 11.41.26.jpgWe then went to a printing press museum . That evening we went to an underground bar called Pelgrom, which I loved, it was all stone brick walls and candle light. We got a taster of four beers which came with a massive block of cheese and pickled onions- it was delicious !

The next day we ventured out towards the Museum aan de Stroom they do featured exhibitions that change from month to month. It’s really worth the trip out as there is some great architecture to see on the walk to it. 2016-04-16 13.28.45After this we went for Belgian Waffles and they were amazing – so good there is no photographic evidence !

There is great shopping in Antwerp and of course lots of diamond shops. We did some shopping (not the diamond kind) on our last day and discovered there are a few nice cafe and bars dotted in between.

Our trip to Antwerp was short and quick just like most city breaks are, if you are looking for somewhere different to the usual however I would definitely recommend.


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