I’m 24, I’m Irish and I love to travel. I have been extremely lucky in my life as my parents always brought me on new and exciting holidays and that is where I think I have gotten my curiosity for the world from. Living in Dublin has also made it really easy in a way as there hundreds of destinations you can get cheap flights to. I decided to start this blog because I used to keep an old travel journal with old ticket stubs and maps etc. from my travels but more and more now everything is online from the photos you take there to even your boarding pass – its all electronic! So my journal was having fewer and fewer things added to it after each journey and I like the idea of looking back on a trip and remembering the treasures I discovered there. So this is me going electronic . .I am still going to try keep some ticket stubs whenever I can as I have some gems I have kept over the years like Paris Metro tickets and Eiffel Tower passes from 2005.

This blog is going to record my journeys as I go so for now there will be a big upload of all my past trips and once up to date, it will be updated as I travel.