Snapshot of Antwerp

We visited Antwerp April 2017. We flew with Ryanair to Brussels and got a train to Antwerp. The first thing I noticed about Antwerp was the train station, namely why it is the feature photo for this piece. The train station is huge and its very grand! We as always used Airbnb to get an… Continue reading Snapshot of Antwerp



So this trip was in May 2016 and it was one of my better planned trips. ¬†We flew with Aer Lingus straight to BCN and we got a taxi to the apartment I had arranged with Airbnb. The apartment was in one of those old style buildings with the grand open hallways and it had… Continue reading Barcelona

A Spanish discovery…

So late August last year I set out on a trip across Northern Spain. First we flew to Bilbao. Bilbao is a port city and the de facto capital of the Basque region. My experience of Bilbao was that its untouched by tourism at the moment even though we cheaply flew there with Ryanair! It… Continue reading A Spanish discovery…



I went to Annecy in March 2017 to visit a friend who lives there and oh was I astounded at the beauty it had to offer! Annecy is the hidden gem of France! To get to Annecy we flew to Geneva with Aer Lingus and then got a bus to Annecy, there is also a… Continue reading Annecy



So this post will be a bit of a two- parter! My first trip to Amsterdam was short and I did not get to see everything that I wanted to namely the Anne Frank House however I did get to see some bits and pieces: Our first day there we went walking as I always… Continue reading Amsterdam


Getting started . . .

This is the excerpt for your very first post.